Lax Links 10-31-11

Happy Halloween

Michigan Halloween practice.

Lots of Halloween practice imagery. The sheer level of “nothing to see here” in the picture is priceless.

Here’s a video from Davenport’s costumed practice.

A little Halloween ingenuity from Detroit’s Tim Lehto.


BHSvideodad, cult hero of the CollegeLax Forums (may they rest in peace), has published his latest highlight video, from Michigan’s 13-8 victory over the Oregon Ducks in the quarterfinal round of the 2011 MCLA Tournament.

Ultimately, it was Michigan’s final-ever victory as an MCLA program. The Wolverines lost to Arizona State 6-7 in the semifinal round.

Connor Wilson of Lacrosse All-Stars ruminates on the difference between Michigan’s MCLA team in 2011 and the forthcoming inaugural year of varsity play.

I believe it will take Michigan longer to climb the NCAA ladder, and it will be harder for them to be as big of a dynasty, but if the fall tells me anything about Michigan lacrosse it’s that the Wolverines are already a lower level D1 team, and if they hold true to history, they’re only going to be better in the spring.  The gauntlet has been thrown down in the form of fall scrimmage losses, and I expect Michigan to answer with vigor.

CONFIDENCE: he has it.

The Wolverines pick up another 2013 commit. Fairfield Prep defenseman Andrew Hatton. His 2012 teammate, Charles Keady, is also Ann Arbor-bound.


Detroit Titans Lacrosse Spirit of Detroit


The Titans’ headman joined LacrosseTalk radio a couple weekends back. You can listen to it on their show archive page.

412 Lax posted a couple photos from Detroit’s scrimmage with Denison.

The Titans ran downtown and got team pictures with the Spirit of Detroit and the Joe Louis fist. Detroit: It’s not just their school’s name!

“I was proud of the guys for taking this challenge head on,” said [Assistant Strength Coach Nick] Wilson. “It was great to see the guys stick together, running through the city and then seeing their reaction when they made it to the fist.”

There are plenty of videos and photos at the link, so check it out.


Fall Ball check-ins from MCLA Fan:

Michigan State scrimmaged Dayton over the weekend. Photo evidence.

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