Michigan Announcement Coming Soon?

University of Michigan Lacrosse

University of Michigan Lacrosse

I don’t want to draw attention away from my Toledo preview, but Inside Lacrosse drops a potential bomb:

Sources are telling Inside Lacrosse that the University of Michigan athletics department is preparing to announce the addition of men’s and women’s lacrosse programs, with the men’s team to begin NCAA Division I play in time for the spring 2012 season, and the women’s team in 2013.

Upon further review though… is any of that really breaking? Is it really a bomb dropping? We’ve known (or at least “known”) all spring that an announcement is coming sometime soon, it’s just been a matter of timing. Saying “hey we heard an announcement is coming soon” is… maintaining the status quo.

Speaking of timing though, going varsity immediately (in the Spring of 2012) on the men’s side is a change from previous rumors – and my sources have been echoing similar sentiments for the past week or so, and I have no reason to doubt either them or Inside Lacrosse.

More on this story as it develops – which could be pretty quick, now that Inside Lacrosse has brought it closer to the forefront.

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