Some Michigan Reactions from Around the Web

I’ll have plenty of my own reactions when an actual announcement is made, but for now, let’s take a look at some of what people are saying across the internet following last week’s InsideLacrosse report.

Lacrosse Allstars Network’s Connor Wilson thinks the Michigan move could put pressure on other BCS Football schools to form varsity lacrosse programs:

Assuming Michigan can bring the heat relatively quickly (within 5 years make a Final Four, perhaps), and Notre Dame can keep up their ascent, there are a couple of other schools that will really start to feel the pressure to add lax.

He mentions Michigan State (obvious), Boston College (less obvious to the outsiders’ perspective, but like the Spartans, they once fielded a D-1 lacrosse team), USC (just added a women’s team, and their AD has mentioned a men’s squad), and a host of top MCLA programs as possibilities.

He, like a couple other people I’ve seen, mentioned that he’d like to see Michigan maintain an MCLA team. Current MCLA rules prevent a team from a school that also fields a varsity program. I’m interested to know why so many people are behind the Wolverines possibly getting an exception.

In Quint Kessenich’s weekly top 20 (and yes, I know a lot of people in the lacrosse community have very negative feelings toward Quint), he jokingly includes the Wolverines:

21. Michigan – Hail to the Victors. Coming soon.

Ultimately meaningless, but fun nonetheless.

Message board reactions from, LaxPower, College Crosse, and mgoblog (the latter started by yours truly).

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