The Story of Lee Boshes

Lee Boshes is a football player for Northwestern.

Now, you may be asking yourself “why is a football player from Northwestern being mentioned on a blog about lacrosse in the state of Michigan?” The answer is that he was a Michigan lacrosse player last year.

Former Michigan Lacrosse Player Lee Boshes is a Northwestern Wildcat Football Player

Photo from linked article.

Reading ESPN’s Big Ten Blog yesterday, I happened across a link that mentioned Michigan lacrosse, and thought it was an interesting connection. When Boshes decided to leave Michigan, he made a training video to send to Ivy League football coaches (despite never having played organized football), and it ended up getting to Northwestern’s staff, who offered him a preferred walkon spot as a transfer student.

For the record, Boshes got into four games in 2010, his freshman year as a Michigan lacrosse player, registering 3 ground balls.

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