Side-by-side: Michigan and Detroit 2012

One Division-1 program in the state of Michigan just wrapped up its first year of play. Another had a disappointing finish to year four. (We won’t get into the one that was in its fifteenth year of no longer existing).

How do the two top programs in Michigan stack up to each other, though?

Detroit Michigan
Pyth Win% .283 (50) .175 (59)
Offensive Efficiency .251 (52) .242 (55)
Defensive Efficiency .307 (34) .361 (55)
Possession% .476 (55) .475 (56)
Pace of Play .754 (2) .694 (12)
Faceoff Win% .428 (52) .415 (57)
Clear% .777 (57) .734 (60)
Ride% .198 (7) .209 (2)
Turnovers/Poss. .576 .554
CausedTurnovers/Def. Poss. .275 .180
Shots on Goal% .602 .636
Shooting% .282 .314
EMOs/Poss .115 .087
EMO Conversion .242 .250
Man-downs/Def. Poss. .142 .073
Opp. EMO Conversion .262 .514

A few things stick out as interesting (though many of them are of the “Detroit’s that close to a club team?” variety). Both teams were excellent on the ride, though only Detroit’s seemed to show itself by caused turnovers. Part of that was Michigan’s riding style – make it tough to advance without over-pressuring the ball – therefore allowing the opposition to make a mistake – and part is just that many of Detroit’s CTs were in settled situations.

Another interesting note is Michigan’s absurdly low EMO rate – both offensively and defensively. Even Detroit (one of the most penalized teams in the country) only committed five penalties against U-M.

I started this post mostly just out of curiosity to see where the two teams stack up, with no specific purpose in mind, so I guess I’ll open the floor. Anything stand out?

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2 Responses to Side-by-side: Michigan and Detroit 2012

  1. Jason says:

    Looks to me like things are pretty comparable except for Defense. UDM’s defense looks a notch better than Michigan’s in just about all categories. I’m a little surprised the offenses are as close as they are.

    • Tim says:

      Detroit’s calling card has been defense (not necessarily in terms of efficiency, but certainly style and focus of play), so no surprise there. Offensively, I think UDM had a disappointing year, in part because of the uncertainty with Joel Matthews over the course of the season, as previously discussed in this space.

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