Detroit 10, Quinnipiac 12

This was a game that Detroit won on the road last year, and one that they probably should have taken home this year. However, a back-and-forth game ended with a late QU run and a two-goal victory for the visitors.

Tempo Free

From the official box score, a look at the tempo-free stats:

Quinnipiac 2013
Quinnipiac Detroit
Faceoff Wins 12 Faceoff Wins 14
Clearing 11-13 Clearing 13-16
Possessions 28 Possessions 32
Goals 12 Goals 10
Offensive Efficiency .429 Offensive Efficiency .313

The Titans proved my prediction of a good day on faceoffs to be correct, winning greater than 50%. They also cleared and rode just about even with Quinnipiac. The possessino game was just about even, edge Titans.

It was what the teams did with those possessions that gave Quinnipiac the victory. QU had no real problems putting the ball in the back of the net (despite what appeared to be a stellar day by A.J. Levell), and the Titans couldn’t return the favor.


Starting with Levell, for in my opinion was easily the UDM player of the game. The first goal that he let in was remarkably soft – a high-to-high floater from the top of the box – but he stopped a lot of good chances after settling in. He saved .500 of shots faced, but that included a few really good looks that QU had no business no capitalizing on.

After getting a chance to watch in person, I’m confident that Detroit will be able to hold their own against all but some of the best teams on the schedule. Corcoran had the most consistent success on the day, and (as is always the case on faceoffs) could have won or lost a couple more based on wing play.

I have no idea what goes through some of the UDM midfielders’ minds when they decide to dodge into three men instead of moving the ball. This wasn’t a one-time occurrence. It was like a six-time occurrence. Very weird thing to struggle with. 22 turnovers (across all positions) on just 32 possessions is bad.

UDM has a rep as one of the country’s most penalty-prone teams, but in all honesty, every time I see them play I get the impression it’s BS. Shayne Adams was called for a one-minute illegal body check penalty early in the game on a completely clean hit. The ref whistled the ball in play on a quick restart, the clearing midfielder didn’t realize it was in play, and Adams lit him up. Evidently the ref was not willing to take the blame for something that was 100% his error, so he called the penalty.

Speaking of Adams, a few commenters have mentioned that he’s banged up, and it’s apparent from watching him play. He doesn’t have the fluidity of motion (and overall energy level) that he did last year, and it’s hampering him.

On a brighter note for the offense, Alex Maini continues to put in serious work for UDM. He racked up five goals and two assists (giving him a hand in 70% of Detroit’s goals). Adams, despite injury, managed to score two goals. Brandon Beauregard had two assists.

A perpetually injured team had a couple players go down in this one. Jamie Hebden and Jordan Houtby both came out of the game at certain points with injuries, though both returned to the lineup.


UDM site recap. Quinnipiac site recapOfficial boxscore. Photo gallery. Matt Holtz postgame:

Up Next

Detroit tries to end the slide by heading out to Marist for their MAAC conference opener. They split with the Red Foxes last year, winning in overtime at home before bowing out of the conference tournament 10-12.

Marist has started the year 3-0, with those wins coming against Stony Brook, Sacred Heart, and Lafayette.

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  1. Tully says:

    Agreed on all points. Marist looks tough… But the titans play a tough bellarmine team tomorrow first

  2. ncaalaxnut says:

    News from Detroit as they left for Kentucky is Shayne Adams is not on the bus hoping its not serious. Very accurate writeup on the Quinnipiac game face offs have been a surprise ALL year not just the last game as for the midfielders except for the dodging into 3 men which agreed must stop (hopefully with experience) they were at least involved more in the offence with goals and assists (middies first assists of the year) very good to see. On the Adams hit i totally agree it was a quick blow in and a perfectly clean hit. Good luck in Kentucky Titans rally around your missing Canadian and get that first win

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