Tempo-Free Lax is live

After some delays getting the 2013 edition of TempoFreeLax.com going, the site should be up and fully operational. Many thanks to Paul Nelson, the technological brains behind the whole operation, Hoya Suxa from College Crosse – who sort of jump-started the concept of Tempo-Free lacrosse statistics – and Ken Pomeroy of Kenpom.com, who helped brainstorm the porting of his ideas from the basketball world onto the lacrosse field.

There is an FAQ at the top of the site if you’re totally lost as to what the whole thing is all about, what certain stats mean, etc.

The biggest new feature – and the source of the delay in getting everything up and running at full steam – is player data, and the use of the NCAA’s official statistics site in putting everything together (goodbye data entry errors). If you see anything wrong with the TFL table, always feel free to drop me or Paul a line on twitter (or you can e-mail me).

As for how this site relates to Great Lax State (other than my founding it), it will be a big part of previewing games and reviewing them as well. It has already been there in raw data form, but now I’ll be able to cite full adjusted, up-to-date info at all times.

As always, thanks for visiting GreatLaxState.com, and please check out my other lacrosse venture, and let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Tempo-Free Lax is live

  1. DCLaxFan says:

    I like the TempoFreeLax site as it enables a reader to compare teams across multiple categories to see their strengths and weaknesses. Good work Tim. One question though, what is “pace” and how is it calculated?

    • Tim says:

      Total possessions per game (both teams) for each given team. If a team’s possessions per game number is 35 and the opponents’ is also 35, the team’s average total possessions (AKA pace) is 70.

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