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Recruiting welcomes in the style of mgoblog (where I write them about UM football commits). Since there’s an enormous difference in the amount of information available on football and lacrosse commits, these will have a bit of a different format.

Michigan picked up its first two public commits in the class of 2012 last week. First, we profile MD Attack Evan Glaser.

Michigan Lacrosse Evan Glaser McDonogh

Glaser (#13) scores against Avon Old Farms. Photo by Kitsie Michel

Relevant Articles

Glaser was a starter as a junior (maybe even as a sophomore) at McDonogh, a Baltimore-area power who finished 2011 at #14 in LaxPower’s Computer Rankings. He’s called a “bigger, yet quick-footed junior,” who “will step in to run the show from X.”

At the Brine King of the Spring event, his McDonogh team won the championship, and Glaser was among the tournament’s leading scorers.

Glaser notched a goal and an assist as McDonogh knocked off Avon Old Farms 10-6 (though the article also has scores of 10-3 and 10-5… great reporting, guy).

He had 2 goals and an assist against St. Mary’s. Inside Lacrosse was there to scout the game:

Glaser, a talented junior verballed to Rutgers, registered the next two goals for McDonogh, giving them a 5-0 advantage with 9:11 remaining in the half. On the second play, Glaser picked up Morgan’s garbage at goal line extended and tossed it in for a pretty backhanded finish…

Evan Glaser is a very savvy attackman who doesn’t play with flash but can carry, distribute, score and ride.

He had a goal and two assists in an overtime loss to Gilman. Article 2.

Michigan Lacrosse Evan Glaser McDonogh against Severn

Glaser scores against Severn. Photo by Kitsie Michel

Following the Gilman loss, Glaser scored two goals and an assist to lead his team to a rebound victory over Severn.

He had a single assist in a big win over then-no-1 (I believe in the Baltimore area, based on context) Cavert Hall.

Calvert Hall later got revenge with an 8-5 victory, though Glaser “made some big plays.”

He had three goals and an assist in a 14-4 pasting of Spalding.

Inside Lacrosse scouted another McDonogh/St. Mary’s game, another win for Glaser’s McDonogh team:

Brady Faby and Evan Glaser had great days at attack, especially Faby… Glaser is very well-rounded, savvy and athletic.

ESPN Rise talked to him about recruiting, and why he picked Michigan:

“The combination of elite D-I sports as well as some of the best academics in the country made Michigan a no-brainer for me. Stepping foot on campus only reaffirmed my feelings that Michigan is the best school for me, as the facilities were second to none. Also, I feel coach Paul’s coaching staff will immediately bring Michigan to the upper echelon of college lacrosse.”

He, uh… is the kicker for his high school football team.

Teammates of Note

When he was a sophomore – and got plenty of playing time, potentially as a starter, described above – eight seniors from McDonogh went on to play at the next level (five in Division-1), including three attackmen (two to Division-1 schools):

  • A Tyler Frederick (D-1 Ohio State)
  • A Kyle Rice (D-1 Lafayette)
  • M Sam Eby (D-1 Navy)
  • D Joe Meurer (D-1 Ohio State)
  • G Trevor Siebert (D-1 Georgetown)
  • M Ben Love (D-3 St. Mary’s)
  • D Brett Williams (D-3 St. Mary’s)
  • A Andrew McKinley (MCLA Brigham Young)

Following this past season, seven more McDonogh products (a year older than Glaser) plan to go on to the next level, to a variety of big-name schools:

  • A Brady Faby (D-1 John’s Hopkins)
  • M Brennan Daly (D-1 Syracuse)
  • M Keegan Michel (D-1 Harvard)
  • D Bryson Greene (D-1 Georgetown)
  • M Will Hauver (D-2 Rollins)
  • A Connor Morgan (D-3 Hamilton)
  • M Pratt Rexford (D-3 McDaniel)

Glaser, who decommitted from Rutgers to pick Michigan, is the only member of the rising senior class at McDonogh currently committed to a college.



Evan Glaser Highlights from Kudda on Vimeo.

There are also a couple short videos on the tubes, along with some full games from Kudda.com: Haverford, St. Paul’s, St. Mary’s, Calvert Hall, Calvert Hall again, Boy’s Latin,

The Upshot

Glaser is a big-looking – I couldn’t find height/weight numbers on him, but he’s not exactly playing midgets in the highlight video, and he’s bigger than most of them – reasonably athletic attackman who plays primarily at X. He has good dodging and finishing ability, but his handles (watch him running out the clock at 2:33 in the embedded video) and vision/feeding are where he excels.

He’s played on the big stages as well, as a sophomore contributor and junior starter at a big-time lacrosse school in the Baltimore area. His older linemates have gone on to D-1 schools over the past two years, and the two players who outscored him on his team last year are going on to Hopkins and Harvard – not exactly the Sisters of the Poor.

He’ll bring battle-tested ability and intangibles to Michigan. I’m interested to see where he’ll fit in on the team down the road, as 2011 commit Will Meter seems to have a similar skill set – albeit against lesser competition most of the time. Of course, with Michigan yet to play their first contest as a D-1 team, we’ll have to wait to see what the depth chart looks like in the near future – much less a couple years down the road.

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  1. DosLeches says:

    Pretty crazy that we now have lax recruiting info. Is there any way to find out what other offers he had?

    • Tim says:

      Since lacrosse is an equivalency sport, rather than a headcount sport (players are given partial scholarships, even big-time players might not get that much scholarship money, etc), it’s much murkier a situation than football where you can just say “who has offered this kid a full ride.”

      Information is also muuuuuuch tougher to come by. HOWEVA, in the linked ESPN Rise article, he does mention that the other schools he was considering were Rutgers, Brown, and Yale. Since he is a decommit from Rutgers (by far the weakest of those schools), I imagine they had offered a pretty good scholarship package to beat out the Ivies, who don’t offer scholarships.

      I’ll try to include as much of the recruiting information as I can find in future profiles.

  2. Pat Stansik says:

    I’ve been waiting to see a “Hello” post for lacrosse my entire life. Nice work.

  3. Peter says:

    Great work, thanks Tim. Any accolade info and/or recruiting rankings? Not sure how limited rankings are for lacrosse

  4. AndyD says:

    Awesome Tim. Keep these coming. I know it must be hard to find info on lacrosse recruits. It’s not like there’s a massive industry built around lacrosse recruiting like there is for football. Thank you for doing this.

    It’s going to be very interesting to see how recruiting changes for Michigan now. How long until they get their first 2013 commit?

    I’ll know lacrosse has arrived when these Hello posts are up on mgoblog, but this is a great start!

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