Michigan Signs 18 Prep Lacrosse Players

Michigan has issued the official release for their 2012 recruiting class, with 18 prospects signing over the course of the early period. The lucky 18 are:

Links go to the GLS Hello posts, of which the Chase Brown, Cooper Charlton and Gerald Logan entries do not yet exist. I’ll rectify that ASAP. Click the link at the top of the post to see Michigan’s brief bio of each guy.

There is also one guy – Sam Martorella – who did not sign. That could mean several things: he’s a walkon commit (no scholarship == no LOI), he’s waiting until spring to put pen to paper, or he’s changed his mind about attending Michigan.

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3 Responses to Michigan Signs 18 Prep Lacrosse Players

  1. Jason says:

    Also, look like no Josh Stauffer. Any idea what happened to him? His highlight video wasn’t quite up to par with the other attack, so I was wondering if he would make it in this class or not.

    • Tim says:

      Forgot about Stauffer. He seems to be in the same category as Martorella (in fact, when I initially wrote that paragraph, I said that there were “a few” guys who didn’t sign, but couldn’t remember who other than Martorella, so I changed it). I would guess that both are walk-on types, maybe headed for a year of prep school (in Martorella’s case; Stauffer has already prepped), or are just planning to sign in the spring to keep options open a little bit.

  2. AndyD says:

    Probably a walk-on like Martorella.

    I wonder a couple of things. One, are there transfers coming next year? Two, will they add more to this class? It’s a huge class, but they are really going to need to upgrade the roster to be competitive.

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